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pivot points

This is our stock pivot tool. Enter a symbol into the box and press "Get Data", the tool will automatically retrieve yesterdays close data and perform the standard pivot points, fib pivot points and camarilla calculations and display the results. No more having to copy and paste prices into a stock pivot calculator manually. This stock pivot tool does it all for you in one click. Enjoy. (Index prices based on Yahoo! data and can be subject to adjustments after close, especially in the case of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.)

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indu          End of Day Data
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Pivot Points                       Fib Pivots                               Camarilla
R3 0.00 Fib R3 0.00 Brk Out Long 0.00
R2 0.00 Fib R2 0.00 Short 0.00
R1 0.00 Fib R1 0.00 HL2 0.00
Pivot 0.00 Pivot 0.00 HL1 0.00
S1 0.00 Fib S1 0.00 LL1 0.00
S2 0.00 Fib S2 0.00 LL2 0.00
S3 0.00 Fib S3 0.00 Long 0.00
        Brk Out Short 0.00

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